First Review of "Ghostwriter"

I think I'll always remember this as a milestone. Today, I got my first review of Ghostwriter and it was wonderful. Thanks so much to Sherry Gomes, my first reviewer.

This is the story of Sarah Howell, a struggling ghostwriter, who as the book begins has recently had a break up with her boyfriend and is struggling to write the autobiography of a politician. While searching for a new apartment, she is invited to look at the home for rent on a small island, an island where she will be the only resident. She discovers this is the actual home where her favorite author, Seth Fortner, lived and died, and she jumps at the chance to live there. She enjoys her quiet solitary life, until some strange things begin to happen.
I am addicted to stories that take place on islands. And I still love the gothic novel, stories that often take place in big lonely houses in isolated locations, so I was thrilled at the chance to read this. I just about squealed and rubbed my hands together with pure glee, when I realized we’d get to visit that house on that island. And I was not disappointed!
The first time Sarah’s picture of the famous author flies off the wall, where it had been hung securely, I almost jumped out of my seat! The series of events that follow, events which frighten Sarah but don’t push her away from the house and the island are in the best sort of ghost or gothic stories tradition. Is there a ghost in the old house, or is there a living person trying to get Sarah to leave?
This story had me spellbound, a little nervous, looking over my shoulder and listening for strange sounds and eager for the outcome. Even when I thought I’d realized what was happening, I couldn’t stop reading and wanted more. And every time I thought I knew what was coming, I didn’t. The details from Seth’s letters of his time in World War I were fascinating and added to the richness of the story. Sarah’s friendship with an unlikely character, the main relationship of the story, at first had me thinking, “What?” and then warmed and delighted me. I love stories about friendship. The strength of such a bond is one of the most interesting things to me, and if that friendship can move to love that’s the best. 
The ending both surprised me and yet I felt it was actually right for the story and the characters. 
This book is really about characters, Sarah, Seth the author, the others who come and go in her life. They are strong, well-drawn people. You come away feeling you know them and wishing you could. I wanted to be able to read Seth’s books, visit the island and punch the ex-boyfriend in the nose!
A truly wonderful story!
See it at Sherry's blog, or here, on Goodreads.


  1. Hi Lissa

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for a book and instead found yours. I looked it up on GR and I have to say I'm intrigued. I noticed you're published with TWCS, but when I looked at their website your book isn't listed? Nor can I find it on Net Galley. I've done a few blog tours and reviews with them (twcs) and am wondering how do I get an ARC of Ghostwriter? Do you know when it will become available on their website or Net Galley?

    Passion for Pages

    1. Hello,

      I'm listed as an author on their site, but the book isn't on there yet. They'll probably add it once it's closer to the release date and available for pre-order.

      They told me it would be on Net Galley, but they didn't give me a date. I'll ask marketing about it tonight.

      I'll send your contact details to them. I'm sure they'll be happy to send you an ARC.

      Thank you!

    2. Hello again,

      "Ghostwriter" will be up on Net Galley August 30th.

      Thank you!


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