Interviews and Articles

The first article I ever wrote: Everything You Shouldn't Do and Why it Works for Me. Also, What do Writers Read? and The Religious Theme in Fiction.

A Passion For Pages interview about Ghostwriter

Word Edit (UK Daily Opinion) interview and an essay about how I became published

Interview with Sarita Dreaming

Interview on Italian Brat's Obsessions

Interview with Sherry Gomes

Romanceaholic article about Ghostwriter

Long and Short Reviews interview

Sherry Gomes has a review and short story from The End of All Things on her blog.

My article, "Writing a Well-Researched Novel."
Reader's Digest, October 2013

Character interview with Justin from The End of All Things.

My article, "So, You're Having an Apocalypse..."

Interview in Romanian and English about The End of All Things.

Interview at Fight for Your Write about The End of All Things.

Interview at JeanzBookReadNReview

Interview at Workaday Reads

Character Interview with Henry VIII from Under These Restless Skies.

Interview at Denise Getting To Yes

An interview about dystopian fiction and my writing process on Reads and Thoughts.

An interview on writing about the Tudor era on Word Edit.

Article on social media s an author on WriteDivas.

Author Spotlight on Sydney Logan's blog.

Article about writing a well-researched novel on Girl Who Reads.


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