"Ghostwriter" Tour, Day Three

Let me begin by apologizing for the horrid layout of this post. Using Blogger on an iPad is a nightmare and I've been fighting with it for a half hour now trying to do what should be the simplest of tasks: adding captions to images.

We were up early again this morning for a day of exploring Austin before tomorrow's book festival.

"Am I to understand there will be no pancakes?"

Road trip!

Enjoying the beautiful vistas of Texas Hill Country

Our first winery stop at Westcave Cellars Winery
The proprietor was a very pleasant lady who had an incredible knowledge of wines.

"GAAAH! Use your turn signal, lady!"

A new experience: an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting.

Stopped to visit a winery and found this restaurant.
 Accidental lunch.... Yum!

Ghostwriter has too many choices. 

Ghostwriter found Hogwarts!


  1. "Am I to understand there will be no pancakes?"

    That made me smile....thinking of my Favorite Angel!

  2. I wondered is anyone would get that reference.


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