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An updated, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, with a twist.

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Ghostwriter is the story of Sara Howell who is not enjoying life right now. She is currently unemployed and not in a relationship which is just the opposite of her life a month ago. Realizing that she can no longer afford her apartment since her former boyfriend moved out, she begins to look for a cheaper place to live. Is this a struggle or fate stepping in to show Sarah her destiny? (This is a romance so it is acceptable to write that sentence.) 

 A local politician has contracted with Sarah for her to ghostwrite about her predictable and boring life. So she temporarily has some money coming in and just needs a place to live. How do you find a decent place to live when the costs need to be less than half of what you used to pay? 

 With the help of a local realtor, Sarah finds the house of her dreams. It an old house on an island that can only be reached by boat Added to that, the house was owned by her favorite author, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously disappeared around the year 1925 after living there with his wife. Being that there were no direct descendants, his family inherited the house with numerous conditions while they continue to profit from the royalties on his books. The family has mixed feelings about having someone living in the house since they are certain that it is haunted by Seth, however, they also choose not to tell Sarah this. Since no one publicly knows when or how Seth died, this secret is not shared with Sarah.

Great! A broke writer in a haunted house of their favorite author. What could possibly happen?

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