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Tara Anderton and I met a couple of days ago on Google+. We started chatting about our books and decided to do an exchange of interviews. I love meeting writers and comparing our experiences. You can see my interview here.

She also runs the blog Writing In Heels.

At Writing in Heels I cheekily explain my way through writing my books, my blog, my diary, researching and publishing. Then there's posting things that inspire me and my random thoughts and ideas which are far reaching and sometimes inciteful, books I like to read and ones I think you should read, youtube videos and pictures and other writing and reading related randomness.
It's a quirky, sometimes funny view on life from the left of centre I guess, it was the story of one girls quest to become a published writer and will continue to focus on writing and subjects listed above, but I may surprise you and throw a curve ball once in a while. I have discussed the very important process of formatting my novel, choosing a book cover, sending the final copy, and promoting and selling Gold Digger so check out the links to the archives where I have many things to entertain you. Much alcohol is to be consumed along the way, lots of trolling the web for information and insight, oh and the wearing of many glorious pairs of heels!!! 

My interview with Tara

You say on your blog that you were encouraged to write from reading books like The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High. I read those books, too, when I was young. What did they teach you about writing? Did your friends’ reactions when they read the same books give you any insights? 

My writing does come from early influences like The Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley high as they where my first experiences with real reading and enjoyment out of reading. I'm not sure they taught me about writing but my love of reading has progressed into me wanting to write. None of my friends or family where big readers, so I didnt really have anyone to look to for opinions. It was my own little world that I thrived in and enjoyed. It was mine and very special.

• Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

I think I did always want to be a writer but I got a bit lost along the way. The reading was a huge part of my life and at 16 I decided to write a book - it didnt go very well but it was definately floating around somewhere waiting to come out.

• You mentioned you like reading romance and comedy, but not horror or mystery. Is that because you like books that make you happy when you read? What mood or feeling would you like your readers to come away with after they read one of your books?

I always like a happy ending and I think that comes across in the books I read and the movies and showa I tend to watch. I dont like bad things and try to avoid them at all costs. However I dont mind the bits inbetween that give the story depth and a bit of grit - I realise that life isnt always rainbows and lollypops but sometimes its fun to pretend it is!

After reading one of my books I hope my readers will come away happy and satisfied. I love the romance genre and all the little subgenres and my books being contemporary romance - there is a certain pattern that emerges...hopefully with a few twists and turns along the way to keep everyone satisfied.

• How did you find your publisher? What have you learned during this process that you’d tell someone who wanted to take the same path you have?

I had no clue what to do about getting a book published when I worte my first book Glamour Girls. I found a book at the library with all the agents and publishers in Australia and went about researching the ones that were suited to my type of writing. After debating back and forth what to do I logged onto the top publishing company in Australia and checked out there requirements. They had a Friday Pitch which I submitted the first chapter and synopsis too and waited patiently. HA life isnt so easy. To cut a long story short two years later with another book under my belt lots of rejections from Agents and one publishing house I decided to get serious. I was nervous to send out my book to the publishers but if you dont do it how will you vere know right? So I set about making a list and getting online and doing alot of research. I came across alot of international publishers in this search and started reading alot of blogs, websites, books anything I could get my hands on about getting a book published. Someone sent me a link one day about a Publishing Company in America that do it a bit different. So I sent my enquiry letter hoping to hear back from them. I did and sent them the first chapter and synopsis. They liked it and offered me a contract. We are now working together to get Gold Digger my first published novel on the shelves and online early next year. It is available for preorder at my author website until then @

• What do you think are the post important things in a book? Has your writing changed the books you buy? 

The most important things in a book are the characters!
My writing has not changed the books I buy because I write the same types of books.

• If there was one author you could meet for lunch tomorrow, living or dead, who would it be?

Danielle Steel. She is such a huge influence in my life. I plan to own every book she has every written.

Tara's novel, Gold Digger, is available now for pre-order.

Three ultimately different and independent women, a Gold Digger, a Reporter and a High Society Princess are forced together through a whirlwind of lies, cheating and betrayal.
From Wichita Falls in Texas to the golden beaches of California, and the bustling city of New York, we see Bridgette’s orchestrated rise from rags to riches, Angie’s pursuit to achieve her dreams of becoming a top reporter at The New York Times and Elizabeth’s extravagant existence as daughter to one of the richest men in America, and wife to Millionaire mogul Adam Pain. 
Bridgette longs for a life of luxury, and a man to provide it. She is discovered by Playboy, meets a producer and starts a relationship. Unsatisfied, she moves onto the owner of numerous law firms, and after Adam Pain, Elizabeth’s husband who she falls in love with. It ends badly, and she meets Grant yet another Millionaire, but she resumes her affair with Adam. Elizabeth who is aware of Bridgette asks Adam to leave her, but it ends in humiliation, and she conspires to expose Bridgette to Grant, hoping that she would flee New York. She succeeds. But not for long, she winds up back in New York on the arm of an even richer man Paul. Is this her fairytail ending?
Angie, Bridgette’s only childhood friend has dreamt of being a reporter for the New York Times for as long as she can remember and her dreams and hard work pays off. Years later she is assigned to report on a scandalous all - revealing exposé about Bridgette. Angie finds a woman who has stealthily clawed her way to the top, and accumulating a substantial fortune. Will she be the one to bring her down?
Elizabeth grows up in the lap of luxury! She finds the man of her dreams and marries him! Her life is perfect! Bridgette however has plans of her own and hijacks and trys to destroy her carefully built life. Elizabeth wont take this from anyone and trys to gain control of her life...the final straw at having been named in the article, along with the revelation of Adam’s cheating, she files for divorce. Life definatly hasnt worked out like she planned!

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