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What's the modern luxury that Carly Daniels misses the most after the world as we know it is ended by a pandemic virus? Coffee! She can endure cold baths,the loss of electricity, and the discomforts of a long journey to a warmer climate, but she really misses coffee ...

When she first encounters Justin, a stranger lurking outside her apartment, it's the promise of coffee that lures her out:

When Carly peeked through the curtains the next morning, she found Justin sitting on his bucket by the fire, stirring something in a pot hung below the tripod while he read from a well-worn paperback. She slid the window open.
Justin waved to her and called “Hi, Charly!” 
“Carly,” she said. He didn’t seem to be very good with names.
“Would you like some oatmeal? I made plenty.” 
Her mouth watered at the thought of hot food. She’d never particularly cared for oatmeal, but it sounded absolutely delicious. But still Carly hesitated. She hadn’t figured out what Justin wanted. He could be dangerous. Just because he hadn’t chosen to strike yet didn’t mean he was safe. 
“I have coffee,” he called.
That sealed the deal. “I’ll be right down!” Carly called.
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Carly picked up her coffee cup and inhaled with something akin to ecstasy. One sip and she was in heaven. “God, I missed this." 
Justin chuckled. “There’s plenty if you want more.” 
Carly had to restrain herself from gulping down the rest of the cup so she could ask for another.

Later, in their journey, they enjoy another cup at breakfast:

In the morning, Carly found Justin in front of the campfire, doing some sort of elaborate martial arts dance. For such a large man, he moved with incredible grace, probably the product of years of training.
“Whatcha doin’?” Carly asked as she emerged from the tent, still in the tank top and pajama pants she had donned last night. She’d woken earlier than usual this morning. Usually, she slept until Justin woke her, so she’d never seen his early morning routine.
Image by Avia Venefica
Tai chi.”
“Mmm. I used to get those from Starbucks.”
“You’re thinking of chai tea,” Justin said automatically and laughed. “You’re teasing me, aren’t you?”
“Yup.” Carly grinned at him. He arched out one leg and followed it in a turn—a flowing motion that reminded her of a slinking jungle cat.
“Smartass. Get yourself some coffee. Breakfast will be ready soon.”
She eyed the pot sitting on some hot embers. “We’re not having oatmeal again, are we?”
“Yes, we are.”
Carly grimaced, but said nothing.
“Oatmeal is a good, hearty breakfast. Sticks to your ribs.”
She poured herself a cup of coffee and took a sip. “That sounds like a terrifying medical condition. Do you do this tai chi every morning?” 
“Whenever I have the chance.” Justin’s smooth, slow movements were almost hypnotic. “It’s very good for you. Improves circulation and keeps you limber.”
"I’m limber enough.”
Justin cast her a naughty grin. “Yes, I think you are.”
Carly blushed and ducked her head.

So, in honor of Carly's coffee obsession, I'm giving away a $15 Starbucks gift card! Just enter with the Rafflecopter below. I will mail the card to the winner.

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