Blogger Book Fair: Meet Zrinka Jelic

Hello Blogger Book Fair hoppers!

I’m very delighted to meet you. My name is Zrinka Jelic and I’m author of three published books, Bonded by Crimson, a paranormal romance, and Treasured Chest, a historical romance. Plus my work appears in an anthology titled Angles Cried dedicated to tiny victims of unimaginable and senseless violence of Sandy Hook School.

Today I’d like to talk about my newest release, a time travel romance titled Love Remains. It was published by Crimson Romance on July 15th.

It is dedicated to all women, but especially working kind. It takes a lot of skill and energy to juggle career and family, and to keep going day in and day out. When kids are sick and we have to stay at home with our little ones, we face the employer’s scrutiny and in some cases even losing jobs. The treatment of working mothers in the corporations got me thinking and I’ve decided to show my findings (at least the way I was treated when faced with the issue) through my writing. And since I am a romance writer, what best way to do it than through romance. Of course, being of Croatian descent, I have to throw something Croatian in the mix. Would you sacrifice your family for the sake of your career? Is it OK for corporations to dispose of women who put their families before their jobs? Is there a golden middle?

I hope you’ll find Love Remains a thrilling read as I found it when I wrote it.

Here’s the book’s blurb:

Olivia Owen, a busy, single, high-functioning, corporate executive officer, is not afraid to die a spinster for the sake of her career. But in an alternate reality world, bridged by the angel of her Down’s syndrome sister, she meets Tom Medar, a dedicated, Croatian defense attorney who dreams of the right woman, but never has time to find her. Together they foil an adulterous murder plot while discovering there’s room for love and family in their busy lives—but not before they are separated again.

When they awaken from their alternate world, will they be able to cross countries to find each other again?

Love Remains is now available on Amazon

Also, there’s a little giveaway on my blog and since I’m in Canada I’ll have to make it digital. So a copy of Love Remains for your e-reader and $5.00 Amazon gift card. Just drop by my blog Hello Romance and leave me a comment, join my blog or like my Facebook page.

And a bit about me:

Zrinka Jelic lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and two children. A member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter Fantasy Futuristic &Paranormal, as well as Savvy Authors, she writes contemporary fiction—which leans toward the paranormal—and adds a pinch of history. Her characters come from all walks of life, and although she prefers red, romance comes in many colors. Given Jelic’s love for her native Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, her characters usually find themselves dealing with a fair amount of sunshine, but that’s about the only break they get. “Alas,” Jelic says, with a grin. “Some rain must fall in everyone’s life.”

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