Ghost Story Contest!

October marks the first birthday of my paranormal romance novel Ghostwriter. In celebration, I'm hosting a ghost story contest!

Stories will be posted on the Contest Blog.


The story must contain a ghost, but beyond that, have fun with it! Scare us, make us swoon with a ghostly romantic hero, make us laugh, or make us cry.
The winner will be picked by readers, voting via a poll widget. The winning story will be announced on Halloween.
Short stories only, please. No novella-length works. I'm a bit flexible as to length, but let's try to keep 'em short.
As long as you're the author, you may enter a previously posted/published story in the contest. Fanfiction is acceptable, as long as the original author is clearly identified.
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Stories containing incest, rape as titillation, bestiality, or pedophilia will be disqualified.
Plagiarized stories will be disqualified. Please let me know if the name under which you posted the story elsewhere differs from the name under which you have entered the contest.
Stories must be sent in by October 15. Voting will open on the 16th.  
 Entries should be sent to lissas-ghost-story at (just plain "mail" not gmail.)
The prizes:

For the writers: First prize for the ghost story competition will receive an autographed copy of Ghostwriter, and a boat-load of bragging rights. Second prize is a Ghostwriter-themed metal bookmark with charms, and an ebook copy. Third place wins a package of swag, and an ebook copy.

For the voters: Voting in the contest enters you in a drawing for a prize pack of paranormal romance ebooks! This selection includes erotica, so only voters eighteen and older may enter. The prize packages for voters are getting bigger every day as more paranormal romance authors donate their ebooks. If you'd like to join the fun, contact me at the same email address above.

All of us win the chance to read some great stories!

So, I think that's it, folks. Start writing and sending your entries to me today, and I'll begin posting them on the Contest Blog immediately. Let me know if you have any questions. And may the odds ever be in your favor.


  1. Ooo... this sounds fun. Might need to see if I can make it by your deadline. Thanks & what an excellent idea.

  2. I know I don't have time to write something new, and original, but I do have a 'ghostly' fanfic oneshot I could always send your way if you need more entries... lol. xo

  3. sounds like fun
    will see what I have in my short story bag

  4. A ghost story... and a short story.. I was just about to try my hand in this genre. I'd love to give this one a try..

    Will be mailing you with my story soon...

  5. Does the story need to be a romance? I have a short story geared for middle grades to young adults.
    Thank You

    1. Hi, Lorraine,

      Nope, the story doesn't have to be romance. It can be any genre, as long as it features a ghost.



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