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Today we get a sneak peek of How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You, the new YA release coming from T.M. Franklin on June 12th!

“You realize you’re forgetting one very important thing, don’t you?”

“What’s that?” I followed Viney’s gaze to the auditorium doors in time to see Ian Buckley stride into the room, all sun-bleached hair and tanned skin, with broad shoulders and biceps perfectly wrapped up in a letterman’s jacket. “Oh. Ian.”

“Yes. Ian.” Viney leaned against the console next to me. “Good-looking, popular jock. How do you compete with that?”

“Looks and popularity aren’t everything.”

“Right. He’s also rich and has a great car.”

“His family owns a dealership. Hardly a great personal achievement.” Still, I chewed on my thumbnail as Ainsley waved to Ian, a bright smile on her face. Ian was a bit of a challenge. More than a bit, actually. Not insurmountable, though. He wasn’t perfect either, and definitely not perfect for Ainsley, even though she had yet to see it.

“He thinks pi was named after, you know, pie,” I told Viney.

It took a minute for him to get it. “Seriously? Apple or blueberry?”

I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m not kidding. I heard him talking to Nathan. He said that’s why it’s used to find the circumference of a circle. Because a pie is a circle.” I mean the logic wasn’t entirely flawed, but still. Pie. Really?

Viney’s mouth twisted as he watched Ian clowning around with Nathan in the front row of seats. “So he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’s still Ainsley’s boyfriend.”


Viney grimaced as she bent down to kiss him. “Looks like it’s ‘on-again’ to me.”

I sighed heavily. The truth hurts. “I know. She’ll see the light, though. It’ll just take some convincing.”

I hoped I sounded more confident than I was.

Viney eyed me sideways. “You’re going to bad-mouth her boyfriend?”

“Of course not.” Not only would that be unethical, it would also be ineffective. I’d seen enough romantic comedies to figure that out. Not that I liked romantic comedies. I did have a mom, though, and every now and then she got the pick on Movie Night, so my dad and I had to endure it all with side eyes and quiet huffs. (She got annoyed if we huffed too loud.) I figured it was good research fodder, anyway, although there were definitely as many items for a not-to-do list as for a to-do one in one of those movies.

So, yeah, bad-mouthing the current boyfriend would definitely fall on that not-to-do list. Ian wasn’t a bad guy anyway, not really. Just not right for Ainsley. Not like, well, me.

“I simply mean to show her that she has options,” I said.

Ainsley burst out laughing as Ian swept her off the stage and swung her through the air before wrapping her up in a tight hug.

“Good luck with that,” Viney muttered.

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Seventeen-year-old Oliver Wendell Holmes (Yes, his parents are just that peculiar, but his brother's name is Sherlock, so it could have been worse) knows that he's different. He's quirky, awkward, and he's okay with that. Oliver also likes making lists-meticulous procedures for achieving his goals, step-by-step. Whether it's "How to Get an A in Chemistry" or "How to Get Accepted to MIT," he has a process, and it's worked for him so far. He doesn't even care that the popular kids mock him. Oliver's got his eye on the prize.

So when he decides it's time to declare his feelings for Ainsley Bishop, the girl of his dreams, it's only natural for him to make a list-a point-by-point strategy to win her heart. He knows it will take a grand gesture for her to see all he has to offer, and her approaching birthday provides the ideal opportunity for Oliver to put his plan into action.

Finding the perfect gift is a challenge Oliver meets with his usual dogged determination. He'll need to watch her carefully for clues to pinpoint exactly what he should give her. And along the way, he might just learn that what Ainsley really needs is not quite what he expected.

Ainsley is available now for Pre-Order!

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T.M. Franklin T.M. Franklin started out her career writing non-fiction in a television newsroom. Graduating with a B.A. in Communications specializing in broadcast journalism and production, she worked for nine years as a major market television news producer, and garnered two regional Emmy Awards, before she resigned to be a full-time mom and part-time freelance writer. Her first published novel, MORE, was born during National Novel Writing month, a challenge to write a novel in thirty days. MORE was well-received, being selected as a finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Awards, as well as winning the Suspense/Thriller division of the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards.

In addition to MORE and its sequel, The Guardians, Franklin penned the Amazon best-selling short stories A Piece of Cake and Window, which also won a Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Award for Short Story/Fantasy. Her new YA romance, How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You, is Franklin’s first love story without a paranormal or fantasy element, although she believes love is the best kind of magic.

TWELVE, the final installment in the MORE Trilogy will be released in the fall of 2014.

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