Sneak Peek Sunday: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY by M.B Feeney


Coming soon from M. B. Feeney

A new romance story

 The One That Got Away

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There’s something about that one person we date in our teens, yet never become completely intimate with. What is it about the lack of sex in a relationship that renders us unable to stop carrying that person with us into our adult life? Heidi Johnson’s one that got away is Shane Hughes. The man she could never quite get out of her head as she got on with becoming an adult, a mother, and her own person.

Shane has lived a life of regret. Regret that he let Heidi go out of fear and a misguided sense of not wanting to hurt either of them before leaving London, permanently, a move both of them made over the years. Reconnecting online, they both rekindle the memories they’d tried to suppress over the years, reignited feelings that were never explored ‘back in the day’.

How will a school reunion back in their home town, surrounded by school friends who had seen them at both their best and worst help them answer any unanswered questions they’ve been left with? Or will they be left with wanting more?


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