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Release Date: February 19 , 2015

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

ISBN e-book:  978-1-61213-290-7  

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While having dinner one night in an upscale restaurant, three men well beyond middle age are entranced by a strikingly beautiful young woman who walks by on the arm of a man old enough to be her father. Her scent lingers, intoxicating the trio who stop eating and question how a man of their own age manages to enjoy the pleasures of such an enticing young thing. They wonder who he is, and who she is. As their plates of food grow cold, they decide that shes too classy and wholesome to be anything other than a gold digger. And they decide they want one of their own.

Between them they can create the façade of one incredibly wealthy man. With access to a penthouse with art worth millions and a Rolls Royce, they decide to take turns being Man of the Evening. One will be a butler/cook. Another the chauffeur. The third a lonely, illusive, incredibly wealthy gentleman. They place a personal ad seeking a woman who dreams of the man they have created and who doesnt mind if hes twice her age. A woman who will shop in trendy boutiques and department stores, and let the chauffeur carry her purchases, and in the evening entertain friends around the dining table, served by the butler.

A Question for the Author:

 Please describe your experiences throughout the writing of your erotic novella. Do you have any advice/tips for others delving into the genre?

I don’t consider myself a typical erotic writer. There is no sexual norm. The physically and emotionally challenged have the same needs as the perfectly sane, physically blessed. The vicarious predicaments brought on by the compromised struggle for some kind of fulfillment is real and needs to be respected and appreciated, even in fiction.

In The Penthouse, Wayne’s sexual awakening and his pathetic sexual attempt with a young prostitute, illustrates the lonely desperation and the physical needs of an unattractive, older man. The images of Wayne are sexually unappealing but the world is full of men like Wayne who have the same needs as those men whose birthright deems them sexually desirable.

Bringing the characters to life is the most challenging and rewarding for me. I don’t use a story board. Deep friendships and love take time. My characters’ personalities and scenarios develop as I spend time with them. When writing The Penthouse which, as with most of my work, I leave it alone to simmer for a while. This gives the characters time to develop and allows me to create scenarios around their personalities.

For someone who has the urge to write erotic material I would say, good or bad, just start writing. Push your boundaries. If your work doesn’t shock, titillate, or keep you highly entertained, it probably won’t entertain your readers. Love/hate/lust for the characters who are born in your mind come alive and live for others to become emotionally involved with. Do with keystrokes the forbidden that you fantasize. You can always tone it down and step away from the edge. Characters can sometimes be nothing more than an infatuation. Don’t be afraid to step away if something isn’t working, change direction, or drop a character or scenario. If the creative juice isn’t flowing, there may a reason, and you’re not going to figure it out by desperately banging away on the keyboard.

In my opinion the most important part of writing is the personal satisfaction of just that, writing. It’s seeing your imagination come to life on the page.

Do not be dismayed by anyone. If there was a formula on how to become a successful writer, everyone would be a Hemingway or a Stephen King. Highly successful screenplays, if presented in novel form, would most likely be dismissed by literary critics.

Stick to it and write, write, write!


F. Collyer Reed was born with the help of a doctor who certified the health of prostitutes in a Nevada brothel. Raised by his mother and numerous aunts, he remembers times when he awoke at night to see his mother engaged in her trade.

Eventually she married a wealthy miner client and they moved to San Francisco. His stepfather died when he was eight. In less than a decade his mothers life had transformed from working at a rural Nevada brothel servicing mine owner-operators and ranchers to a life in the wealthy Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco where her son was a reminder of the past as well as a social liability. She sent him to various boarding and military schools, including a British finishing school, a Christian Holy Roller school (his words), Catholic Reform, and state reform school.

In Reeds words, Im lucky to have lived through my youth. Any drug I liked I used in excess, and I liked them all.

A sober Reed and his artist wife live on a cruising sailboat in the San Francisco Bay Area with her pit bull and a cat. When not writing, hes an avid motorcyclist and shares his passion for bicycles and sailing with his wife.


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