Countdown to SHADOWS HAVE GONE: Excerpt 9 #dystopian #romance #EOTWAWKI

Shadows Have Gone, the third book in the End of All Things series, will be released on March 26. I'm doing a countdown during the two weeks leading up to its release with a new excerpt every day. Stop back tomorrow for something new!


    Carly came back and sat down on the floor beside the sofa. “You seem a little sad. Is everything all right?”
    “Just thinking. Remembering. Do you remember when we lay in bed together while you were in labor? You dozed a little between the contractions. I watched you sleep, your soft breaths and the flutter of your eyelashes . . . I memorized your face over and over. I tried to imprint the feeling of your body in my arms and how it felt to hold you. I tried to make it last forever, because I was so afraid I would lose you.”
    Carly laid her head down on his shoulder. “Oh, Justin, I’m sorry about that. If I could have made it easier for you . . .”
    “No, that’s not what I meant.” Justin’s voice rumbled below her ear, and she could feel his fingers stroking a lock of her hair. “All my life, I had been afraid to care about anyone because I always lost them. But you stole my heart. I was doomed from the moment I laid eyes on you, and somehow I think I knew it all along.”
    He brought his other hand up and stroked her hair back from her temples, tangling his fingers in her caramel waves. “Fucking doomed. No way I could fight it, no matter how hard I tried. And as we were lying there, I tried to steel my heart. Tried to prepare myself for the possibility that—”
    Justin stopped for a moment before he continued, and she heard the soft whoosh of a deep breath drawn into his chest. “I was alone my entire life before I met you, Carly, but I never knew what alone truly meant until I faced the prospect of being without you.”

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