Countdown to SHADOWS HAVE GONE: Excerpt 6 #dystopian #romance #EOTWAWKI

Shadows Have Gone, the third book in the End of All Things series, will be released on March 26. I'm doing a countdown during the two weeks leading up to its release with a new excerpt every day. Stop back tomorrow for something new!


Tears stung Carly’s eyes. “Yes, there is. I don’t know what it was. Maybe I’ll never know. We don’t always get answers in life, Justin. It’s not like a movie where the plot is neatly tied up in a bow at the end. We spend our lives doing what we’re supposed to do, and sometimes that’s helping someone else achieve their path. Maybe our purpose is to build a safe place for our children to grow up so they can do something important.”
“And maybe there’s no purpose at all.” Justin’s level gaze was a challenge.

“Maybe.” Carly nodded. “Maybe you’re right, Justin. I can’t prove any of this. Maybe I have delusions of grandeur. Maybe I need to feel important in order to get through my day, and this is the fairy tale I tell myself to make it all seem worth it. But it gives me meaning. And in some sense, maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s true. I can feel like I’m working for something, building something, contributing something for the future. And I want us to have that future, Justin. We can’t hold back from living out of fear. Will there be loss? Yes. Loss is a part of life, the same way pain is a part of love. But my hope is what I’m building will be strong enough to get us through those losses.”

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