The #ShieldGeeks #VIKINGS Podcast is Here!

Sandi Layne and I recently sat down with the No Ship Network for an interview about Vikings. We discussed the historical aspects of the show, Tudor history, how we research our historical novels... Even George Washington made it into the conversation somehow!

Settle in with a mug of mead, because this is a long convo, but it was loads of fun, and we hope you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed having the chat.

Click here to go to No Ship and listen.

You can also get the podcast free on iTunes

The show returns November 30th, and Sandi and I will be back with our live-Tweets and review series! Until then....

Heill þú farir, heill þú aftr komir, heill þú á sinnum sér!

Hale go forth, hale return, hale on your ways! – Vafþrúðnismál 4

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