On My Own: The Next Stage in My Journey

Five years ago, I published my first novel with The Writer's Coffee Shop. Now, only a few days from that anniversary, I find myself out on my own as a self-published writer.

As it turned out, I had only three weeks to make this transition, but everything in my career thus far has been a whirlwind. Thanks to a great deal of help and support from my fellow authors who've already made this leap, I was able to get it done.

My novels now have new covers, and I was able to fix a few typos in the new editions, so there were certainly some positive aspects.

I'm not certain where I'll go from here, but I hope all of you who've been with me thus far will follow me on this new journey.

My ebooks are available on Amazon and GooglePlay and Kobo; I haven't yet completed the process for paperbacks, but they'll be ready soon. 

You may notice that Under These Restless Skies isn't among the books I've republished. That's because I intend to do extensive revisions. I've learned I was wrong about Jane Parker, and I need to make amends by fixing her portrayal in the novel. 

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