NaNoWriMo, c'est moi

I officially signed up today. I'm now a participant in the National Novel Writing Month. Starting tomorrow, participants are supposed to write about 2,000 words per day with the goal of having a 50,000 word novel at the end of the month.

Confession time: I'm cheating just a bit. I already have my novel started. Its working title is Daughter of the Wind and Waves. It's a historical/paranormal set in the time of Henry VIII. My fanfiction fans know how much I love those Tudors. (But don't worry, guys, I'm keeping my nerdy side in check this time and not drowning you in historical detail; nor will there be footnotes, though I pleaded for them.)

I started this novel all the way back in May, but because of the editing I had to finish on The End of All Things, I wasn't able to work on it as much as I would have liked. But now I'm free! Free! (At least for the time being.) I'm hoping that I'll be able to complete it, at least a large chunk of it, this month. It'll be an awesome challenge and it will keep me on track.

If you're participating, add me as a writing buddy by clicking here or on the icon at the top of the sidebar. (I also have a nifty widget to show off my progress!)

If you've ever said, "Someday, I'll write a novel," today is that "someday." Join the challenge! Come on, what do you have to lose? You don't have to write a good novel, after all. There's no pressure, no editing, no judges looking over your work. Just you and a keyboard, discovering what magic can happen.

If nothing else, it's excellent practice.


  1. I'm doing it as well! 50,000 words in a foreign language are an impossible goal for me, but I'll try to write as much as I can!

    Hugs :)

    1. I know you can do it! Believe in yourself and you'll be amazed at what happens.

  2. I'm doing it as well. Added you as a buddy. Good luck sweetie.


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