Autograph Options

I've been getting requests for signed books (which is very flattering) and I've got a few options available.

First is a personalized e-autograph courtesy of Authorgraph. (It used to be called Kindlegraph, but now they're available for all types of ebooks.) There's a handy-dandy widget on the sidebar of my blog.

The second option is mailing your paper copy to me. You ship it to me, then I'll sign it and mail it back. If you'd like to do this, click on my email link at the side and we'll work out the particulars.

And lastly, I have a few paper copies left that I can sell you using Paypal. I'll sign it and ship it directly to you. Email me if you'd like to do this.

I also have signed bookmarks that I'll mail on request. Send me an email with your address and I'll pop it in the mail for you.

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