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Today, I'd like to introduce you to another of my author friends, the lovely N.J. Cole. Her first novel, the erotic Midnight Caller, has just been released. At the end of our chat, I have a juicy little excerpt from Midnight Caller. Enjoy!


Lissa: Let’s start off with the most obvious one: what drew you to writing?

N.J. Cole: I love reading so much I just wanted to write. I was drawn to dark fics, and there weren’t many of them so I decided to write one. My first fan fic was Involuntary Rapture. I love writing for contests and trying to write as many different things as I can.

Lissa: I’m the same way with liking to both read and write all sorts of stories. It’s just way too much fun to explore all of the possibilities rather than being tied down to just one genre. Do you have an idea of what genre your next book will be?

N.J. Cole: It will also be an erotic romance. At some point I'd like to consider a sequel to Midnight Caller.

Lissa: What is your writing process like?

N.J. Cole: I like to write in Google Docs. I can write while my friends sit in there with me. Sometimes we even write our stories together, one at the top of the doc, one at the bottom. I feel like the characters live in my head. They show me what happened to them. I watch the movie over and over and then I write it down.

Lissa: I’ve never written with anyone else before. It was very difficult to convince me to let people read my work, let alone help with it. Did you have any initial hesitation in this area? Do your friends contribute to the creative process itself? Have you ever disagreed on a direction a story should go? It seems like a relationship building a story together would have to be very close and very trusting. Is that true?

N.J. Cole: It does bring us together during the process. Mostly my friends are in the doc with me just to keep my company. They let me decide the direction of the story. I often feel that the stories are directing themselves.

Lissa: I’m very secretive with my writing. How do you feel about sharing it with people you know?

N.J. Cole: I love sharing it. I have a hard time keeping my writing a secret. When I write for anonymous contests, it kills me. It was harder for me to write Midnight Caller because I couldn’t get the feedback I’d learned to love when I write fanfiction.

Lissa: Oh, yes, the lack of feedback was terrible when moving from fanfic to original work. I was drowning in a sea of doubt. One of my editors at my publishing house agreed to read along as I wrote and I was extremely grateful for that. I needed the reassurance!

If you had one wish for your writing career, what would it be?

N.J. Cole: I’d love to be able to make enough money that I could stay home and write. I’d love to be able to write in Australia.

Lissa: That’s a lovely dream. I’d like to buy a house overlooking Puget Sound, where I could have a writing room with a huge window overlooking the water. I chose Puget Sound because I love the climate of the Pacific Northwest. What draws you to Australia?

N.J. Cole: My best friend Bec Rose lives near Perth.

Lissa: What is your favorite attribute in your main characters? Is there any trait they have you wish you had?

N.J. Cole: They never give up. I feel like I have that trait, but they do have much more grace under pressure than I do.

Lissa: I keep hoping some of my characters’ virtues might rub off on me. ;)

You started out in the fanfiction world, like I did. What did your time writing in the fandom teach you?

N.J. Cole: It has taught me a lot. First of all, I wouldn’t have this book if it weren’t for the fandom. The people are so kind and supportive. I plan to continue writing fanfiction as long as there are readers. It gave me the ability to develop my own characters, but most of all, it gave me the network of people needed to not only write, but edit and publish a book.

Lissa: The fandom is an awesome place for a new writer to dip their toes in the water. Without their warm support and enthusiasm, I never would have had the courage to try writing.

What draws you to writing about the paranormal?

N.J. Cole: When I read, I want everything to be perfect, magical. I don’t want to read about things that are ordinary, I want extraordinary!
Lissa: I love exploring the endless possibilities the paranormal presents. You can make up your own rules, your own worlds.

What are your thoughts on the ebook revolution and how it’s changing publishing?

N.J. Cole: It makes it a lot easier to have more books available, and people can read them wherever they want. I love the fact that I could publish my book when it was ready and not at the convenience of another party.

Lissa: It’s a great time for both readers and authors. Readers have more choice than ever before, and writers no longer are restricted in their publishing opportunities. There hasn’t been this big a revolution in the world of books since Gutenberg invented the printing press.

What writing advice would you give to a new author? What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?

N.J. Cole: My advice is to follow your gut and keep going. The best advice I’ve gotten is from my friends for the same thing. There were several times that I considered quitting. They kept me going.

Lissa: It’s not an easy path writers choose. You’re very fortunate to have such a great support network.

If you could be given one super-power, what would you ask for?

N.J. Cole: I’d like to be able to teleport. Australia, here I come!!!!!!!!


And now, the excerpt ...

"That was beautiful, butterfly."

Those were the words the caller had used last night. Just that one statement, and then the line went dead. It had obviously been a wrong number, but still, the timing of it unnerved me.

I'd just finished masturbating, and not one minute after I had come down from my high, the phone rang.
Maybe it was the deep voice that spoke in only a whisper, sending chills up my spine. Maybe it was what he had said, as if he knew what I had just done. Whatever it was, it had me tossing and turning all night.


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