Countdown to UNDER THESE RESTLESS SKIES: Day 7 Excerpt

One week left to go!!!

Under These Restless Skies will be released on February 20, and every day until then, I'll be posting a small excerpt. You can check out the book's blog here, including more excerpts and information on the Tudor historical characters in the story, and the legend of the selkies on which the story is based.

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Today's Excerpt:

Emma sat back on her heels and gazed toward the open doorway at the sea beyond. “I have heard tales from selkies who were given back their pelts. They search endlessly for their lovers, but the enchantment hides them. Even knowing that, they cannot help but search, perhaps hoping the magic will weaken and allow them a glimpse of their beloved.”
Will blanched. “Seven years . . . Emma . . . I could not bear—” He looked away.
“I know. I could not bear it, either.”
Will cursed under his breath. The price for Emma staying on land with Will was the loss of part of herself. The loss of the freedom of the sea. She lifted her gaze to him, her soft, dark eyes so expressive, so full of love. A love he didn’t deserve, but for which he would be eternally grateful.
"I do not want to leave you, Will.” She took his hand in her own. He had to look away from those shining eyes, but she took a finger and gently nudged his chin up until he looked at her again. “I want to stay with you.”
“You will always miss it,” he said. “Always.”
“Aye. But not as much as I would miss you.” Emma looked back out at the sea, for she would always be drawn to it, but she turned away from it, for him. She stood and began to unpack the rest of the necessities from the trunk.
“Help me with this,” he said and shook out a sheet to spread over the tick. Emma helped him tuck it in and then pounced, knocking him back onto the bed.
“I have you at my mercy,” she announced, her eyes sparkling in the dimness.
“Utterly and completely,” he agreed. “Have your way with me.”
Emma giggled and lowered her head down to kiss him. “Will, I love you so.”
“And I love you, Emma.” He’d always been clever with words, but he could find none to express the power of his love for this woman, this gift of the sea, the daughter of the wind and waves.

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