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For the first time, The Golden Arrow and the Butterfly will be available as a stand-alone short story for just .99!

Eros is the god of love, but he has never experienced the emotion himself—despite his inexplicable fascination with a beautiful young mortal woman, Psyche. When one of his golden arrows strikes Psyche instead of its intended target, he whisks her away to Olympus, to save her from the fate of falling in love with the next man she sees. Psyche is terrified when she wakes blindfolded, in a strange realm, in the company of an oddly compelling man who claims to be a Greek god. What happens when the blindfold finally comes off?


“What I have told you is the truth,” he said finally. “I am Eros, and you are on Mount Olympus.”

“But that’s only a myth!” Psyche protested.

“Apparently not.” Eros sounded amused.

“Go on. Tell me the rest of it, why I’m here.”

“Your friend was fated to fall in love with a man she met at the mall. But I missed when I fired my arrow at her and it hit you instead.”

Psyche blinked. “Does that … um … happen often?”

“No. It’s the first time I’ve ever missed.” She heard frustration sharpen the puzzled note in his voice.

“What does that have to do with why I’m here?”

“Because you were hit by the arrow, you would fall in love with the next man you saw, no matter who he was.”

So, that explains the blindfold, she thought.

“I couldn’t let that happen to you. I’m trying to find a way to undo the enchantment.”

“Have you found anything?”

“Not yet. I’ve sent a message to my mother. If anyone will know, she will.”

Psyche tried to remember. “Who is your mother?”

“Aphrodite. My father is Ares.”

It was Psyche’s turn to be amused. “Love and War?”

“On occasion, they can be somewhat similar,” Eros said and Psyche laughed softly. It startled her because it was the first time she’d laughed since she was kidnapped.

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The Golden Arrow and the Butterfly

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