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Immigrant Song
by Lissa Bryan

Bella made a promise to her dying grandmother that she would see the monument to the General completed, but doing so means taking on a powerful anti-immigrant group. She needs allies, and perhaps she’s found one in a handsome junior congressman with a wicked sparkle in his eyes…

“My grandmother joined with Dolley Madison to help create General Washington's monument. It broke my heart, even as a young girl, to see what happened to her project.”
“Somehow the Know-Nothings seized control of it, that I know. But I do not see how I can help you with that.”
Bella smiled, a tiny smirk of satisfaction. She sat back in her chair. “That’s what I stole. I stole it back.”
He spoke slowly. “You … stole back ... the Washington Monument?”
Bella tilted her head. “I did, actually.”

This story is part of the Babies at the Border Fiction Compilation.

To get this story -- and stories from ninety other talented writers -- donate $10 to either RAICES or ACLU and then email in your receipt! That's it!
The ACLU: They have become the champions against this administrations worst ideas in regards to the treatment of asylum seekers. Their most recent win allowed doctors to tour the detention camps to verify that the conditions adhere to the safe and sanitary guidelines required by law. This will greatly improve the conditions in which children are currently kept.
To donate visit:
RAICES: While this organization focuses mainly in Texas, most of the detainment centers are located along this border state with the exception of a few in other states. They provide free or low cost legal aid to children who are forced to represent themselves in court. Kids as young as three year olds are being asked to present their case in immigration courts and being denied asylum when they are unable to present their case. Raices is helping both children and adults obtain legal aid in order to ensure a fair trial and due process.
To donate visit :
Again a simple $10 donation will get you a copy of the compilation. However, in an effort to help raise as much as we can this year we are going to raffle the published books donated by authors to those who donate $15 or more. All you have to do is email a copy of your donation receipt to

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