New Project, New Directions

Hello again, my lovelies! Seems ages since we've talked, doesn't it? Well, ages since I updated my blog, anyway.

So, here's the gist of things: After the death of my best friend, the closure of my publisher, and well, *gestures vaguely in the direction of everything*

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... I was a wee bit out of it. I wrote a few history articles, but fiction just seemed to elude me. Even updating my fic stories was difficult.

Friends encouraged me to continue to write. I even spoke with an agent in New York who was interested in seeing a new manuscript. But without having a publisher, it felt... speculative. It felt like buying curtains for a house I didn't have. And, frankly, the idea of shopping around and facing rejection just seemed wearying.

Other friends said I should go the self-publishing route, but even the small I taste I got with putting my books back on Amazon after the rights reverted to me was enough to let me know that wasn't the route for me. I have huge respect for people who manage it, but it's just too much. Too "businessy" when all I want to do is write stuff.

Well, I may have found a way to do that.

I'm sliding over to write non-fiction for a while, and my first project is going to be about Ohio's role in the Underground Railroad and the sites which remain. It will henceforth be known as the Untitled Underground Railroad Project until such time as I find a title for it, which demonstrates my mad skillz at naming stuff.

I hope to bring you along on this journey, and I hope the articles I've written for The History Geeks and my various blogs demonstrate that I can make history as entertaining as fiction.

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