"Romantic Interludes"

Romantic Interludes contains  seven romantic tales sure to warm your heart (and maybe get it to racing just a bit.)

It includes my short story, The Golden Arrow and the Butterfly, a modern retelling of the tale of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche.

Eros is the god of love, but he has never experienced the emotion himself, despite his inexplicable fascination with a beautiful young mortal woman, Psyche. When one of his golden arrows strikes Psyche instead of its intended target, he whisks her away to Olympus, to save her from the fate of falling in love with the next man she sees. Psyche is terrified when she wakes blindfolded, in a strange realm, in the company of an oddly compelling man who claims to be a Greek god. What happens when the blindfold finally comes off?

Also in the anthology...

Suzy Duffy's The Gentleman Gardener

The flowers might be fresh but Becky’s love-life isn’t blooming. Spring has sprung and it’s looking like another year on the shelf in The Little Flower Shop for Becky. Enter the tall dark stranger who comes calling every Monday but how can she fall for a guy who likes mediocre Mop-heads over zany Zinnias. He might be cute, but he sure ain’t no gentleman gardener. Harder to open than a Dalia in December – Becky and her buddy, Jilly have to resort to every trick in the book to figure out the mystery behind the guy they call The Monday Man.

T. M. Franklin's, A Piece of Cake.

Emily Valentine is a matchmaker who doesn’t believe in love.

Well, at least not the hearts and flowers, see-your-soulmate-across-a-crowded-room-and-the-world-stands-still kind of love. No, Emily is a pragmatist – a scientist – and she’s abandoned her family’s tradition of matchmaking based on instinct and uncanny intuition for a more scientific approach to pairing people up.

Emily believes love is more about compatibility and common interests than anything mystical.

But a run-of-the-mill job turns her world on end when swoony cake designer Sam Cavanaugh pops up as a potential match for her newest client. The attraction she feels for him throws a wrench in her plans, but she’s not going to succumb without a fight.

Emily is nothing if not practical. And reasonable. But she’s about to learn that sometimes the best things in life…are neither.

Allie Jean's Dissecting Hearts

After a less than stellar ending to her seemingly perfect relationship, Christine decided to spend Valentine’s Day at the one place where her mind would stay good and occupied, keeping all thoughts of Mitch away. The Emergency Room had a way making the day pass by quickly, yet when her former fling elects to change his schedule with another nurse, Christine finds herself in a situation she can’t avoid. Can she finally set aside her fears and take a leap of faith? Or will her assumptions of Mitch prove her to be unlucky in love?

Sandi Layne's Justin's Second Chance

Ten years ago, April Peterson asked her long-time crush, pen pal Lance Corporal Justin Clark, for a date. In shock after his first military deployment to Afghanistan, he ignored her, eventually deleting his email account so that she couldn’t get in touch with him.

When they meet again, April Peterson Sinclair is a widow with a young daughter and Gunnery Sergeant Justin Clark, USMC, tries to show her how he has always felt. Justin asks for a day spent alone together—just what April had asked of him long ago—and during that day, he gets his second chance.

Sydney Logan's Stupid Cupid

Jada Morgan hates Valentine’s Day—which is ironic, considering she works as a writer for a greeting card company. She meets Nathan Reynolds, one of the new graphic artists, and they bond over their mutual hatred for all things Cupid while working on designs for this year’s marketing campaign. As they grow closer, Jada learns that Nathan is a single father, and she quickly becomes attached to him and his little girl. When it’s time for the company’s holiday party, Jada assumes they will attend together, not realizing Nathan already has a date for the event. Has Stupid Cupid broken her heart once again? A heartfelt story about love, family, and second chances.

Jennifer Schmidt's Two Pink Lines

After twelve years of friendship, Memphis and Kennedy Adams took a risk that changed their lives forever. Now, three years later, they’re a happily married, suburban living couple whose only problem is a disobedient puppy. Things couldn’t be going more smoothly for these two—until Valentine’s Day turns out to be more than flowers, chocolates and candy hearts. Kennedy’s been down this road before and it ended in heartache. Will she be able to overcome her fear of the past in order to see the good? Sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected surprises along the way.

Romantic Interludes - Lissa Bryan, Suzy Duffy, T.M. Franklin, Allie Jean, Sandi Layne, Sydney Logan & Jennifer Schmidt

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  1. Mere sex is boring. What we want is ROMANCE. Like books, it's the story, the story, the story.


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